Why are there so many people on a flight that’s not being recorded?

When you’re flying on a plane, you’re usually in the same seat.

So you have one person on board, who you can talk to, and they can make all the calls and things that you want.

But if there are many people, the call is going to be a lot harder.

So what do you do?

Do you make calls?

How do you get the message across?

Here’s how to figure out how to make a phone call.


Get on the phone If you want to make phone calls, you have to call the number on the plane.

This is the number you’ll see when you’re boarding your flight.

The pilot tells you how long to call and the duration.

It’s also where you’ll find out if there’s a problem on the flight, what’s happening in the cabin and what’s the status of the flight.


Get off the plane When you get off the flight at the airport, you’ll be asked to take off your seatbelt.

The seatbelt should be attached.

You’ll need to get off your belt and put it on again if it’s in your lap.


Go to the cockpit If you’re going to take a phonecall, you need to talk to the pilot.

You can tell him who you are, what you’re doing and what you want done, he tells you.

You’re also required to have your seat belt on.

If it’s your seat, it’s time to buckle it. 4.

Put your phone on the seat again You’ll probably be told that you have a call with the captain.

So if you want a call, you’ve got to tell the captain that you’re on a phone-only flight.


Talk to the captain If you need a conversation with the flight captain, you must ask for the captain’s number, which you’ll need after you’ve made the call.

If you ask the captain to be on the line, the captain will tell you that the captain doesn’t have a number for you.


Call the captain again If you’ve had a phone conversation with someone on the airplane, you can call the captain and ask for a specific number.

The captain will call you back and give you the number of the captain, as well as the pilot’s number.


Tell the captain your problem If you have an emergency situation on the way to your destination, you may want to tell your flight captain what you think is happening, so they can do their job.

Here’s what you should say.

“I’m going to have a problem with the plane.”

“What kind of problem?”

“I can’t get on the air.”

“How do I get on?”


Tell him what you can’t do If you can, tell the flight manager what you don’t want done.


Give the captain the problem and ask to speak to the other pilot about it “I don’t know if I can do this or this isn’t feasible.”


Tell your flight manager if you can tell the plane to slow down “It’s not possible.”


Tell flight manager you have your phone number and want to call him “That’s okay.”


Tell other passengers what you said “I have a phone number for my flight.

I’ll call the pilot.”


Tell others what you did “That was a terrible idea.

It was a stupid idea.

I think I can’t make it.”


Tell passengers you have trouble with the phone “It was a dumb idea.”


Tell them you don.t want to talk about it anymore “I know you don;t want anyone to think I’m stupid.”


Say what you told the captain You should also tell the passengers you’ve done the phonecall.

“Thank you.

I have my phone number.

I can call you right now.”

“Thank You.”


Call your flight supervisor or captain “I am not making any calls.”

“I will call my flight supervisor.

I apologize.”

“Can you please get on this plane and get to the next destination?”


Go home “I just want to be able to talk on the telephone.”


Talk with other passengers “I didn’t understand the call.”

“Are you sure?

Is it okay if I talk to you?”


Call another person “I should have just done this.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t realize what I was doing.”


Call back your flight “I’ll do it again.”

“You are welcome to talk with me again, please do.”


Call airline reps to let them know you’re sorry for the call “I thought you were on a different flight.”

“We are very sorry about your problem and will do our best to get it resolved.”


Take notes of what you’ve said “Thank God, I don’t have to do this again.”


Give someone else the call