Which is more dangerous: Trump or Sanders?

The 2016 presidential campaign has been the subject of the debate between two of the most popular political figures in American history, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Trump has said the US should adopt a “hard-right” foreign policy. 

But the debate has also brought to light how much different views people hold about health care and the US political system. 

The debate about whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is working is also taking on new significance with Trump claiming it’s not working as well as he’d like.

Trump’s health care plan has been criticised for having too many regulations and is blamed for costing the US economy billions of dollars annually. 

Sanders, however, has argued that the ACA is working as expected and has made no attempt to hide his opposition to the ACA. 

He has said that the law should be repealed, saying it was a disaster that has led to the rise of the billionaire class. 

Trump’s policies on the environment and the environment protection have also been criticised by some. 

On Monday, the Trump administration unveiled its plan to end the use of the Clean Power Plan, a landmark US environmental regulation designed to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants. 

Critics say the plan will harm the US coal industry by requiring it to cut emissions at a time when the US has become the world’s largest coal exporter. 

And Sanders has also expressed opposition to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, a deal signed by more than 190 countries in 2015. 

There is no doubt the 2016 election has provided a stark contrast between the two men. 

They both have been criticised over their foreign policy views, but Sanders has often offered to do things differently than Trump. 

In recent weeks, Sanders has come under fire for suggesting that people who are undocumented should be deported. 

His comments, which have been interpreted as racist, have been widely criticised. 

As the US presidential election draws closer, more information has emerged about Trump’s policies, his health care plans, and his views on the US healthcare system.

Trump is expected to win the presidential election on Tuesday.

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