When You’re A Teenager, You’ll Learn to Love a Little Bit More

The conservative news channel “Live 5 News” recently aired a documentary titled “When You’re a Teenager,” which chronicles the struggles of a young woman who was raised in a strict religious household.

The documentary was a huge hit with viewers, with more than 11 million viewers on YouTube, and it has now been nominated for a 2017 Emmy Award for best documentary.

The documentary was originally aired on the Discovery Channel, but in 2015 the network pulled the film due to “political interference.”

In 2016, the documentary was rebroadcast on ABC Family, and in 2018 it was released on HBO.

Watch the documentary below: “When you’re a teenager, you’ll learn to love a little bit more”Watch the film below: The documentary tells the story of Mariah Gaddis, a 20-year-old who left her religion and married a Muslim man.

She became pregnant with her son, but it wasn’t a healthy pregnancy and her son was born prematurely.

She was prescribed a series of antidepressants and struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts.

She eventually took her own life, at the age of 19.

Watch Mariah’s story in the video above.

Mariah’s father, a devout Muslim, became an atheist, and Mariah herself later converted to Christianity.

In the documentary, she describes the struggles she faced trying to reconcile her faith and her life as a teenager.

Mariah is now married to a Christian man, and she is now raising their daughter, Emma.

Watch Emma’s story below:”When you are a teenaged girl, you are just so confused,” she says.

“Why am I supposed to love these people?”

Read more about Mariah and her family:The documentary follows Mariah through her childhood, through high school, college and then her marriage to an Orthodox Christian man.

Marihan’s story is also explored through interviews with family members, friends and co-workers.

In some cases, the family’s own words help the viewer understand why they chose to leave their religion and marry the man they loved.

“When You are a Teenage Girl” premieres on the channel’s channel 5. 

The documentary premiered in September 2018.

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