When the weather turns bad for you: How to prepare for the coldest weather in Canada

When it gets too cold in Calgary, the city’s first snowfall since the Great Depression could turn into an entire month of snow, and residents are being urged to prepare.

The city is already under a one-day weather alert after temperatures dropped to -10 C early Thursday morning and wind gusts were at 30 km/h in the downtown area.

The temperature was just over -12 C at a restaurant at 6:30 a.m. local time.

The wind chill in Calgary dropped to 0 C at 6 a.mi.

The cold snap is expected to persist until mid-November, the weather office said.

People in the city are advised to get their windows open, get outside and be ready to stay in their homes for a few days.

City staff will provide free ice cream and hot chocolate to people at risk of freezing their feet, city hall said.

The first snowstorm of the year is expected in the coming days, said CBC meteorologist Rick Huth.

“The storm could bring some sleet, but that is expected.

If it stays cold and wet, the snow is going to be quite heavy and we will have some snow in the mountains,” Huth said.

If you have a car, get ready for a trip to the ditch on Wednesday.

If you’re driving, you need to get a better look at the road ahead.

The road that was closed in the evening has reopened.

The weather agency said snow is expected from Wednesday morning through the evening, with temperatures expected to drop to -30 C in the high desert area.

On Friday, the mercury could hit -15 C.

The Calgary area is under a two-day heatwave alert, with high temperatures forecast in the early morning hours.

The snowstorm warning issued on Thursday is for the north end of the city and is for most of the surrounding suburbs, including the Calgary area.

In the south end of town, temperatures will remain below freezing overnight and snow is forecast for the mountains, Huth warned.

The forecast for Saturday includes some snow, but there will be less snow and warmer temperatures, Huddleston said.

“For the central part of the province, temperatures are expected to be in the 20s and 30s with a high of 35 C in downtown Calgary,” he said.

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