What if you could change your mind about whether you should buy a car?

The first year of the 2016 model year was a rough one for owners.

That’s partly because of a spate of recalls for the 2015 model year.

The automaker also spent millions on the software upgrades to its autonomous driving systems.

The 2017 model year had a couple of big bumps in the road.

For one, Tesla said it had to recall a large number of its Model X sedans because of issues with a small number of software updates.

The company said the problems affected about one-fifth of its cars, and it had been working on fixing the software since March.

And a number of other automakers have faced recalls over the years.

For example, Honda in 2017 recalled some of its Fit EVs for problems with the engine control module (ECM) that controls acceleration and braking.

But that problem was largely unrelated to the software updates that Tesla released.

It had previously announced that it would fix the problem and said it would replace all of the ECM on the cars.

Tesla was also a big target for a recall in 2015, when the company recalled around 1.3 million of its electric cars for issues with the air bags in its vehicles.

But a recent report from Autonomous Systems Research found that Tesla’s problems were less severe than those reported by the automaker.

The researchers found that while the automakers software issues did pose problems for Tesla, there were far fewer reported issues with other automakers’ software.

In the US, the report found that about 1.1 million vehicles had software issues and that about 4.2 million were in active warranty status, meaning they were not in the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall database.

Tesla’s problem in the United States was that it had a large enough share of vehicles that it was unable to identify all the software issues.

The automakers also had to fight back against a lawsuit brought by some Tesla owners who had bought the Model X without the proper software updates, which Tesla was required to fix.

In 2018, Tesla had another major problem in its auto safety portfolio.

The carmaker reported that it recalled about 3 million cars in the first half of the year because of software issues in its Autopilot feature.

That meant that the automator had to do the same thing for every vehicle that was sold after that point, even if they didn’t have the software update, and had to wait for all of those cars to be repaired.

Tesla had previously said that it worked with regulators to fix the software problems in the Model S and Model X and had released an update for the Model 3 and the Model Y, which have a different set of software and hardware.

But it wasn’t clear if that update would be sufficient to solve all of Tesla’s software issues, or if it would take longer than anticipated to fix them.

Tesla has also faced recalls for its batteries in the past.

It recalled batteries from some of the first-generation Model S electric cars in 2014 after it discovered that the battery cells in some vehicles did not work as expected.

Tesla is now working on improving its battery technology.

It has also been working to fix software issues that caused Model S owners to experience power surges when their car began to speed up or stop.

A new software update is due out later this year that will allow owners to return their vehicles to factory settings, so that the vehicles won’t speed up in the event of a problem.

The update will also allow owners of the Model 7 and Model 8 to drive with a steering wheel-mounted touch screen that lets them adjust the steering angle, according to the autommaker.

Tesla also released software updates for the Autopilots Autopeer system last year, which let drivers control their vehicles using voice commands.

But those updates were only for the car that was purchased and were not compatible with other cars, like the Model Z, which is now being made available for sale.

A software update will allow the owners of those vehicles to drive on the road again.

Tesla says it will not announce new updates until late 2018.

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