What happens when you combine two NFL players with a celebrity and a football team

On Tuesday, the NFL released its first-ever “Celebrity Game” to promote “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The game, which has been dubbed “The Anthem of the Week,” features two NFL stars playing a game of “Celebrate.”

The stars will compete in the “Star-Spangle Banner” on the field of the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field.

Here’s what the first two games looked like.

The Anthem has long been a major anthem of support for veterans and military families.

In 2015, the Washington Post published a profile of a group of veterans who created a petition to the league asking the league to remove the anthem from games.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for our veterans to get a chance to play the national anthem on the big stage in front of their fellow Americans,” the petition reads.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to take part in this great event.”

In September 2017, the league announced a $10 million fund to help veterans and their families.

The funds will also support the National Football League Players Association and other veterans advocacy groups.

This past weekend, the National Basketball Association announced it would be featuring the anthem on all of its games beginning this season.

The first “Celebration” game was played on Monday.

“The anthem is our anthem,” Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris told ESPN.

“I’m proud to be part of it, to be a part of the national unity that has built up around the anthem.

And now we can bring it out to the world.””

There’s so many great stories that come out of the United States military, and I’m thankful to be one of them.

And now we can bring it out to the world.”

For a full list of all of the players participating in “The Super Bowl of Hope,” check out this ESPN article.

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