What happens if you miss out on a chance to witness the Indian dolphin’s first dive?

A group of Indian divers has captured the first video of the endangered dolphin, which is known as the ‘mahal’.

The video shows the dolphins swimming in shallow water in the deep waters of the Indus River in India’s southern state of Kerala, and is part of a series called Indian Diving.

Indian Diving has taken place at the Indulge Aquarium in Kerala since 2001.

The dolphins are known for their amazing diving abilities, as they dive into the ocean at speeds up to 30 metres a second.

They are also renowned for their ability to swim underwater for up to a week at a time, but only occasionally dive.

The dolphin’s dive has now been captured by the Indolens group of divers, who have been filming for over two years.

Indolens divers have also been filming underwater to document the underwater environment of the Indian dolphins.

The group have been documenting the dolphin’s movements on camera, but are also trying to get footage of its behaviour.

“The video is really good and we want to get the whole footage,” said a team member who declined to be named.

Video shows the dolphin in shallow waters, but does not capture the dolphins movements in the deeper water.

The divers are capturing the first footage of the whale shark, a species of dolphin that is endangered in the Indian Ocean.

Dolphins are also known for being active underwater and for diving in groups, often forming long rows of dolphins in shallow pools.

But, these videos capture the first time that the Indian Dolphins have been spotted in the ocean, and have been dubbed ‘The Great Indian Dives’.

Indian dolphin in Kerala (Photo: Indolen Group)Indian dolphin (Photo – Indolenes)Indian Dolphin dives in deep water (Photo- Indolene)Indian dolphins dive in deep waters (Photo)Indian Divers have been capturing the Indian Dolphin in the Indols deep water pool (Photo/Indolenes), as they attempt to capture the Indian Dived in the depths of the water (Image: Indulens)Indian Dolphins are also famous for their remarkable diving abilities. 

The Indian Dolphin is known for its amazing diving skills, as it dives into the water at speeds of 30 metres per second.

The dolphin’s diving is usually conducted by a team of three dolphins, and they often form a long row of dolphins as they swim in shallow ponds or pools. 

Indian Dives have been taking place in the shallow waters of Indulen, Kerala, for over a decade.

In the early 2000s, a dolphin named Kishor had been seen swimming in the water of the river and had attracted a lot of attention.

Kishar was rescued in 2013, and has since become the mascot for Indolenses diving team.

The Indian Divers’ dives are not restricted to the shallow water of Indols shallow pool. 

In 2017, a group of scientists from the Indian Institute of Tropical Geography and Palaeontology (ITGPG) in Kochi, India, were diving to record a unique underwater scene that was being recorded by the Indian Sea Life Foundation, the organisation that oversees the Indo-Pacific Marine Life Centre in India.

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