“Trump: I want to get ’em out”

Trump says that “I want to put ’em in a position to come back and win, because they know the media is against them and they’re the ones who are getting out there with the lies, and I want them to know I’m serious, and they’ll be in for a long night.”

Trump’s campaign spokesman, Jesse Benton, on Friday said the president “wants to get out to win” and that he “will continue to deliver the strongest possible message to the American people on the economy and jobs.”

Trump is campaigning in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.

On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that the Trump campaign had been receiving calls from a Russian investment fund seeking $5 million in cash to help finance a “Trump 2020” super PAC.

A spokesman for the Trump transition team said that the candidate “has never been paid by any foreign entity.”

In his tweets, Trump said that he was “seriously considering” spending money in his “last days.”

“I will use all of my political capital to win this election and I will bring the American dream back,” he said.

Trump’s advisers and surrogates have been trying to steer attention away from Trump’s health problems, which he blamed on a lack of oxygen.

He was hospitalized in May 2016 and underwent surgery to correct a blood clot in his lungs.

In recent weeks, Trump has also suggested that he has been feeling more tired than he had before his pneumonia diagnosis.

“I am feeling much better than I have in months,” Trump said at a press conference.

“There’s a lot of things that are bothering me.

I think I’ve gotten much better and much stronger in the last couple of days.”

On Thursday, Trump was diagnosed with pneumonia.

He said he was having pneumonia from eating a piece of chicken.

The White House said that it had received no notification from the doctor, and that Trump did not have any symptoms.

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