Why Oregon is taking a ‘solution’ to the state’s opioid crisis

The state’s heroin and prescription opioid crisis is getting worse, and Oregon is doing something about it.In the past year, the Oregon Health Authority has taken the unprecedented step of suspending more than 2,000 OxyContin prescriptions.The suspensions have cost the state $1.1 million, and they have resulted in a nearly 50% increase in overdose deaths

The Top 5 Things To Do In Hawaii For Halloween 2018

HAWAII:  The top 5 things to do in Hawaii for Halloween 2018!The Top 5 things for Hawaiians to do for Halloween include: 1. Coconut Grove – Hawaii   2.  Luna  – Honolulu  3.��Kā ʻiwa ʔe ʃo ʙiwa – Honolulu 4.�Koa ʳiwa  – Honolulu (Hawaii) 5.Aku ʷaʻe  ʻa ʼa  (Waipahu) A.   Koaʻuwa (Waimea) B. ���Akuʻū – Waimea

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