‘Baker’s Field’: The Latest News, Video, Photos and Photos of the Day from the Golden Gate Bridge

In this edition of Medical News Now, medical students and their families get to know the work they do.(Published Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2018)Medical students and other health care workers work the Golden Gates Bridge, where they walk, walk, and do everything from driving to installing equipment.Medical students have been a constant presence at the bridge

When it comes to ‘Duck Dynasty,’ the network is more concerned about the Kardashians

SAN FRANCISCO — When it comes “Duck” and “Dynasty,” the networks are more concerned with the Kardashias, but that hasn’t stopped MSNBC from having fun with the family in recent years.The network was caught out last week when it aired a segment titled “Ducks: The Family of the Kardashian.”In it, host Rachel Maddow and her

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