Reddit’s new homepage: The new look for its home page

Reddit’s first redesign to its new homepage has been in the works for several months, with the site’s designers coming up with a minimalist look that’s meant to make browsing the site more efficient.

The redesign was unveiled on Tuesday, and it’s a welcome change for users, but it’s also a big step forward for the site.

As we’ve noted before, the redesign of Reddit is a big one.

Reddit has been struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of its userbase, and this is a huge shift in how it operates.

Reddit’s redesigned homepage.

What it looks like now: Users are greeted with a simplified, black background.

A new section called the sidebar features a section called “Featured Stories,” which includes a list of top stories and other subreddits.

On the sidebar, a new button with the word “Share” appears next to the search bar.

The button allows users to send a link to a Reddit thread, where they can comment, upvote, and/or vote on a story.

This is how it looks today:Reddit’s new sidebar button.

You can now click on a post in the sidebar to view the story.

You can also choose to go to a subreddit’s homepage, and you can add a new subreddit.

You will be able to scroll through the stories by swiping to the left.

The sidebar is a good way to find a story, but you can also share it directly with friends or even a subreddit.

The new sidebar buttons are still there, but they’re smaller and more intuitive.

Users can swipe to the right to open the sidebar.

The top right corner of the sidebar is now a search bar with a sidebar option to the far right.

There is also a link on the sidebar that allows users who have “shared” a story to share it.

Users also can tap the bottom left corner of a story (it looks like a hamburger bar now) to show the full story.

In the sidebar now, there are three main sections: Featured Stories, Reddit’s News, and the “Featured Videos” section.

The Featured Stories section is the most obvious change.

In the old version, it was an archive section with videos and images.

Now, it’s more of a sidebar, and now there are a lot of videos.

The Featured Stories page has the same look as the rest of the site, but now you can click on the bottom of a post and it will take you directly to the Featured Videos section.

This is the main section of the new sidebar.

Users can also swipe to left to show a list or “Featured Posts” in a story or subreddit.

To the right of the Featured Posts section, users can also click on “Edit.”

This is where they will be editing the story, upvoting it, and commenting on it.

The “Featured Content” section is where Reddit will store all the content, including the stories, videos, and images, as well as the comments.

There are also several sub sections.

The Subreddits section will have a search box that allows you to find specific subreddits.

The Categories section will show the categories of a specific subreddit, which can include subreddits with similar interests.

There will also be the Subreddits subreddit sidebar, where users can submit new content for the subreddit.

This is the section where you can edit stories and videos, share them, and comment on them.

The new sidebar is more efficient for users.

The sidebar is much more intuitive than the old sidebar.

It is a bit more streamlined than before, and users can still scroll through stories by sliding to the bottom or left.

This has been a big design change, especially for those who have trouble scrolling through stories.

It’s also better for the company.

The redesign is also more efficient, with more users seeing the sidebar and fewer scrolling through.

Reddit’s redesign.

This redesign will take a while to be rolled out.

Reddit is already getting some criticism for the redesign, which has made some users unhappy with the new look.

It’s unclear whether the redesign will be rolled into the redesign in time for the upcoming Reddit redesign.

Reddit’s redesign is coming.

Reddit also has a redesign coming that should bring some new functionality to the site for users who can’t yet access the new home page.

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