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In another article about the U.S. military, the AP says that one of the AP’s journalists is now being investigated by the U of T for “grossly negligent” coverage of a story on sexual assault and harassment.

The report says the article “was written without the necessary background information and in a way that is deliberately misleading.”

The article, titled “A new sexual assault epidemic” (AP) also includes this excerpt from the AP article: An American reporter who reported on a new epidemic of sexual violence against men in a U.K. military base has been accused of gross negligence in his reporting.

The reporter, who has not been identified by name, was in a news conference with soldiers and civilian officials on Thursday to discuss the investigation.

The AP has not publicly identified the journalist, but his account has been reported by the Guardian newspaper in the U.

“In the AP story, the journalist described the sexual assault at the military base as a “tragedy” but didn’t mention the names of the soldiers involved or the accusations.

The article also says the reporter was on a news mission with the U’s Ministry of Defence and the U-K.


But a source who was not authorized to speak on the record with the AP confirmed that the journalist had been investigating a story about sexual assault on a military base in southern England.

The source said the story was “not a news story” and the journalist wasn’t the subject of an investigation.

The source added that the reporter wasn’t being investigated because “the AP is a private organization and the reporter has not broken any rules.”

The AP did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The report also says a British military official told the reporter that he was being investigated for “inaccurate reporting.”

The AP story is titled “Military sexual assault scandal in England hits Britain” (Associated Press)The AP also notes that a U-k.

military official in London told the journalist that the AP was a private news organization and he was not being investigated.

The official said the U has launched an internal investigation into the story.

The AP’s news director, David Dao, also confirmed the reporter’s identity and said that the article was “written without the required background information” and “in a way where is deliberately misleadingly misleading.”

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