‘It’s a good day’: A local farmer shares what it’s like to raise pigs in Wisconsin

A farmer in Wisconsin has been honored with a national award for raising pigs at home.

Gloria Foltz, 69, from Ochota, Wisc., said she raised her own pigs for the first time last week.

Foltz said the pigs are “a little bit different” from the animals she’s raised before.

She’s also the owner of the only commercial operation in the state to raise pork at home for the public.

“I like to call it a community farm, I call it something more like a community,” she said.

“We’re a small family operation, so there’s some community support.”

The annual Pork Harvest Festival takes place at the Ochotans home on Sept. 4.

Fotz said she’s had a few people come to visit, including a group of people from Iowa and Minnesota.

“Some people who I’ve never met come to see me,” she added.

Foto: Gloria Foltzy, from Wisconsin.

Gemini Foltzer, of Ochotic, Wis., with her family of six pigs.

Grammy award winner Gloria Fotz with her piglets.

The festival also featured a performance by a band, which was made up of Foltzes son and daughter.

Fowle said it’s “good to see people who know the area, know the people and are interested in making it happen.”

Fot, who lives in Ochotee, is a member of the O’Neill Family Farm Society, which also hosts other events.

Folks can also buy and sell pork products, which is also a good way to promote the festival.

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