Iran’s Supreme Leader: I Will Not Leave Iran Without Iran’s Citizens

Tehran, April 15, 2019—The Iranian Supreme Leader has said he will not leave Iran without its citizens.

Khamenei was quoted as saying in a televised speech on Tuesday by the state news agency IRNA, according to a translation by IRNA.

“As the supreme leader, I will not allow any terrorist organizations or the Zionist enemy to take over Iran,” Khamenei said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not be compromised by any terrorist groups or Zionist enemy.

This is what the Islamic Republic has always declared.”

Khamenei’s remarks came just hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order freezing Iranian assets, closing a U.S. military base in the country and barring the entry of U.N. officials and other diplomats.

Trump had previously threatened to sever ties with Iran unless it agrees to halt its nuclear program.

Khameney has been in power since 1979.

In a speech before an audience of hundreds, Khamenei expressed his gratitude to Trump for having helped restore the Iranian economy.

“I have a deep gratitude to the United States President for the very important and necessary assistance it has given us in this respect, particularly in restoring the economy and our economy,” he said.

Khamaneys words were likely aimed at the Trump administration, which has said it will take no steps that could harm Iran’s nuclear program without first consulting with the U.K. The U.KS government has said that the U,S.

administration has failed to take steps to resolve Iran’s ballistic missile and ballistic missile technology issues.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry, which is controlled by the country’s clerical establishment, is expected to be among the countries to receive the sanctions relief announced on Tuesday.

Trump has repeatedly accused the U

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