India’s army chief says US-India border standoff will continue for a long time

New Delhi: India’s defence chief on Sunday said the standoff between the US and India over the disputed border over the Himalayan plateau was likely to continue for decades.

Indian Army chief Gen. (retd) Bipin Rawat, speaking at a seminar at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in New Delhi, said that the US-Indian border standoff was likely for a very long time.

He said that, in view of the military and civilian infrastructure, it was likely that this border standoff would continue for very long.

“This is not the time to talk about ceasefire.

There are military and civil infrastructure that could be put in place, and if we are not careful, that infrastructure can become a trigger for a large-scale conflict,” Rawat said.

He added that India could take steps to ensure peace in the region.

He also said that India was willing to participate in any international negotiations that would allow a ceasefire to be agreed upon, and said India was prepared to participate at the next round of the United Nations Security Council.

The military’s top officer, Gen. Ranbir Singh, also said there would be a peaceful solution to the border standoff.

The army chief said the US was trying to divert attention away from the military’s actions on the border with India and towards domestic political matters.

“If the US were to divert its attention away to domestic political affairs, it could end up affecting the peace and security of the people of India.

If the US tries to divert the attention away, we will make every effort to help them in doing so,” he said.