Indian stocks rise as RBI keeps interest rate at record low

NEW DELHI: India’s benchmark Sensex and Nifty strengthened in after hours trading on Wednesday, with both indexes touching their highest levels since December 6, while the rupee edged higher to its highest level in over three weeks.

The rupee rose 0.4% to 86.12 against the US dollar, its highest in over a week.

The Sensex was higher at 2,894.60 and the Nifty was up 0.2% to 6,959.21.

India’s benchmark RPI, which measures the dollar’s exchange rate, was up 2.5% at 93.37.

The benchmark Sensey was down 1.4%.

The Nifty rose 0,1% to 7,639.06, while BSE Sensex gained 1.1% at 12,817.24.