How to watch NHL video games with Roku, Apple TV, and Android apps

If you want to watch the NHL game on a Roku or Apple TV with Kodi, you can now do so with just a couple of clicks.

The most recent NHL games have been made available for viewing through Kodi on Apple TV and Roku, with the latter now having the added feature to watch them on the new device.

The Kodi team is still working out the details on how the feature works, but if it works as advertised, it’s an interesting addition for those who want to stream their favourite NHL games to an Android or Roku box.

Kodi has always been an excellent choice for watching games, with a huge library of over 10 million games available to stream to any device.

It’s easy to use, and can even play games offline without having to worry about network connections.

If you’ve been looking to watch games with Kodi on an Android device, however, the option is still available.

This means that if you’re not a Kodi user, you could still get your hands on some of the best sports content available on the Android market.

While there’s still plenty of games that will work on any Android device running Android 7.1.1, the first two games that Kodi users can use to stream games to their devices are the NHL: Philadelphia Flyers v Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL playoffs.

Both of these games are available for streaming on the Google Play store, so you can use Kodi on any platform to watch your favourite NHL matches.

While the two games are compatible with Kodi users, you’ll still need a compatible app to stream them on Kodi, such as, to make the experience seamless.

It is possible to use a free streaming app like XBMC to stream the games, but the app would need to be updated to work with Kodi.

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