How to use the Weather app in your phone

San Antonio, Texas — The Weather app has become an essential part of the Android platform for users to stay connected and keep track of the weather.

Now, the company is making the app even more useful by allowing users to record and share their own videos, photos, and weather information with friends and family.

The company’s new Weather app will be available starting today for Android 4.4 and above.

The app allows users to start recording and sharing weather experiences with up to five friends, and it can also share weather images and video with up and two friends.

The new Weather App will also have a dedicated weather segment that includes a weather station and temperature and humidity graphs.

The Weather app was created by the company WeatherTech, which has previously worked on apps for smartphones.

The WeatherTech team includes former Apple executives and other tech luminaries including David Geffen and Tim Cook.

The current version of the Weather App includes a number of other features including an integrated video feed, and users can also choose to add their own photos and videos to share with their friends.

Users can record video and share it with up two friends by using the Weather Photo Sharing feature.

This feature allows users capture their own video with the app and then share it via social media.

This can be done with a photo sharing feature or a custom camera, and then the user can share the video on social media using a custom URL.

Users also can share weather data from other apps, like the Google+ Weather app.

This new feature allows the user to add a weather forecast from their other apps and share the weather with up five friends.

WeatherTech says that weather data will be displayed on the app, along with current and forecast conditions, and the WeatherTech app will notify users when the weather data is available.

Users will also be able to upload weather videos to the WeatherApp app for viewing by up to two friends, who can also view the video and upload it to their social networks.

WeatherApp will be coming to other Android devices this summer.

The company’s Weather app is the latest example of how Google is continuing to develop a platform that is more user-friendly for users.

The social networking giant recently introduced an official Weather app for Android, with more than 200,000 weather-related videos already available.

The apps also offer weather data and weather alerts from other third-party apps, as well as video feeds and other video-sharing features.

Google also announced the upcoming release of a new feature called Weather Hub for Android on Wednesday, which is an app that allows users with Google Accounts to easily manage and share weather and weather events across Google+ and Facebook.

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