How to spot an otter in your backyard

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to get rid of the otter population in the eastern half of the country, after decades of being a popular attraction in parks and the forests.

But the otters are in trouble in some states and localities.

This story will explain what to look for.

( National Geographic ) The U, S. Fish & Wildlife Service says that otters have been on the decline for decades.

The otter, native to Alaska, Canada, and Siberia, has been listed as Endangered by the U. S. Endangered Species Act since the late 1990s.

In some states, the otts have been banned, and in others, the animals have been listed in the National Park Service’s endangered species list.

But a new report from the National Geographic Society shows that the ottery may be in trouble again, and it’s affecting people’s perception of otters.

The report comes from the Center for Biological Diversity, which has been tracking the ottering population for more than 20 years.

The center has identified the species as a threat to the species in the northern half of North America, including Canada, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories.

The report also says that the numbers of otter populations in the Eastern Seaboard are declining.

The otters were introduced to the Great Lakes from the Ural Mountains in the late 19th century, when the ice caps melted and they roamed the waters.

But after the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Fire of 1941, the lake otter disappeared.

The problem is that otter numbers have been dropping rapidly.

The Center for Biologics & Bioethics says that by the end of 2016, only 1,000 otters remained in the Great Lake Basin.

That number was just under half a million in 1996.

The Center for BioethICS report also cites research by University of Minnesota biologists who found that the eastern part of the Great Basin, which is home to the most population of otts, has become a breeding ground for new otters and is also home to a number of invasive species, such as the white-nose harrier.

The U.s.

Fish, Wildlife Service estimates that the western half of Lake Superior, the most populated part of Lake Michigan, has about 50 otters, and that the Eastern half of Michigan has between 40 and 45 otters each.

The eastern half has fewer than 40 otters at the moment.

The northern half, which includes Michigan and parts of Wisconsin, has fewer otters than any other region of the state.

The eastern half and western half are in danger of disappearing, according to the report.

The southern half of Wisconsin has fewer native otters in the wild than any region of Wisconsin.

And the eastern parts of Michigan have fewer native and introduced species than any western state.

This story is part of a National Geographic magazine feature on otters that ran in April.

The magazine has more stories on otter habitat, ecology, conservation, and how they impact wildlife and ecosystems.

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