How to keep your kids safe from ISIS in the US

Posted November 09, 2018 09:05:51 It’s not a coincidence that more and more US citizens are becoming refugees in the Middle East.

The US is becoming a magnet for terrorists and violent extremists.

It has been for some time.

And now there is even a new, more lethal threat emerging from within the US borders.

Fox News: ISIS is using the internet to recruit new fighters.

What do you do when your kids are online?

Fox: I try to help them find information about the dangers of terrorism.

What can parents do if their children are at risk of becoming a target of ISIS?

I don’t know how many times a parent has told me that their child is being influenced by ISIS propaganda.

What are some of the things you can do to prevent it?

If your kids play video games, use their cell phones and play them in private, don’t play them online.

Watch their social media and talk to them.

Watch their online videos and read their blogs.

They are the ones that are being used to spread ISIS propaganda, and they have a responsibility to do so.

If you have a child with a mental health problem, talk to him about it.

You can talk to his teachers, or parents, or a therapist, or whatever, and find out what they are thinking.

The sooner you get a diagnosis and treatment, the sooner you can get your child out of there and into a safe place.