How to help save a Jewish child from Holocaust

Jewish children are among the most vulnerable in the world, and many have little access to resources to protect them.

The United Nations estimates there are about 150,000 Jewish children in countries where they are not considered a priority for survival, such as South Sudan, Eritrea and Syria.

Many Jewish children have no access to the internet or social media, so are often isolated, said Ruth Kahan, a senior fellow at the International Centre for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem.

“Some of the greatest risks to Jewish children from genocide and other conflict are social isolation,” Kahan said.

In the US, Jewish groups have worked to secure funding for educational projects to protect Jewish children.

Kahan said Jewish children often struggle to find enough books to read, to stay in school or to take classes.

A few Jewish charities are also helping Jewish children, such at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which helps with Jewish education.

“Many of the challenges that Jewish children face in their everyday lives are because of the lack of Jewish community resources,” said the university’s director, Rabbi Meir Lau.

There are a number of organizations that support Jewish children at risk from genocide, including the Hebrew Union for Reform Judaism, which runs an educational programme called Hebrew Day School, which has brought over 1,000 Israeli Jews from across the world to attend classes.

“We are also working to make sure that Jewish youth have access to a range of opportunities to learn about Jewish life and culture,” Lau said.

The UN estimates that at least 1.5 million Jewish children live in countries without the same protections afforded to other children.

Some Israeli parents have tried to help their children but it is hard to do so.

One of the biggest obstacles is that Israel does not have a legal framework for protecting children from persecution or violence, said Rami El-Khatib, head of the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Council.

There are also concerns that the Jewish community will be unable to protect children, because it does not exist, he said.

In South Sudan and the Middle East, there are strong Jewish communities, and there are many Jewish schools.

But in the West Bank, which Israel occupied in 1967, there is no Jewish community and it is difficult to find funds to teach Jewish children there.

“There is not much of a Jewish community here.

Most of the children are either in refugee camps or in refugee settlements,” said Kahan.

She added that Jewish schools are not being taught in the refugee camps, but rather in the larger settlements.

“If there were more schools that could provide education to Jewish students in these areas, it could be a big help,” Kavan said.

Israelis in the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, meanwhile, says that Israeli children are most at risk for persecution in the Palestinian territories.

Israel has been under pressure to halt settlement building in the occupied West Bank.

Some Jewish organisations have tried reaching out to the Palestinian Authority, which administers the West-Bank.

They have also sought international support to help Palestinians in the territories.

But it is unlikely that Israeli politicians or Israeli police forces would stop Jewish children being targeted.

“It is extremely difficult for a government to stop children from going to school or going to university,” said Rabbi David Kogan, a leader of the Jewish Federation of Israel.

While many Israeli children can still access the internet, many do not, Kogan said.

“They don’t have any way of communicating with their parents, their teachers, their friends,” he said, adding that Israeli Jewish schools do not have computers.

Jewish children are also vulnerable because they are in the minority.

“You will find it is not unusual to see a Jewish kid who is very popular in school, and it’s just very rare to find a non-Jewish child in that position,” Kogan added.

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