How to get your kids to read this: A father’s tips on how to teach them to read

By John RennieDELAWARE, N.C. (AP) For many families, the best way to get kids to take their own reading seriously is to encourage them to start reading to their kids.

For those who can’t, the most powerful way to motivate your kids is to read to them.

In an effort to help parents and children make this a priority, a new study by the National Institutes of Health suggests a number of strategies for getting kids to pick up a book.

It’s not hard to get a few of these ideas across.

Here are some tips for parents and kids to get them started.

How do you motivate your children to read?

If you haven’t already, take a look at our interactive and interactive tips to inspire kids to engage with their books.

If you are already a book lover, take some time to make the effort to read a book with your kids.

Here are some ways to get started:Have them read aloud from the book you’re reading.

If you are in a small room, take your kids out to lunch, which could be a great place to start.

Have them read the book aloud, or let them do it for you.

Let them pick up the book on their own, as they would a book on the playground.

When you are finished reading, have them take a picture of the book they’ve read.

(The picture is more likely to be helpful in helping them to recognize the words, and it will also help them to keep track of what’s happening in the story.)

Have them share the picture with their family and friends.

It can be a little awkward for your kids, but the more you share with them, the more they will get to know the book, the book itself and the characters.

If they love the book and are enjoying it, it’s more likely that they’ll continue reading.

And when you have shared your story with them a few times, their interest will increase.

When they are done, give them a little gift: take them to a local library and pick up some books they might want to read.

Have them go back and read the story, which can help them visualize the words and the scenes.

This can help kids get to the bottom of the story they are reading and the words they are hearing.

They can then share that experience with their friends and family.

For some children, books with an ending can be particularly effective for motivating them to continue reading the story.

The books with a happy ending are good for children who have trouble with closure.

A few books have happy endings that make the story more rewarding for them.

And the more the story has a happy end, the better the story will be for kids who are struggling with self-doubt and self-criticism.

Here’s a list of some books that have happy ending endings.

These are just a few ideas.

Here’s what you can do with your own children to get reading.

And there are other ways to help your kids read.

Here is a list that includes some of the best books to help kids learn how to read:You can also start a book club with your children, which is great for helping kids become better readers.

You can give them free books that they can read to the school library, where they will be more likely try and learn the words.

You can also offer a gift to your kids that includes a book, a picture or a poem.

Some kids who struggle with self doubt can find the books in the library helpful, as can some who are looking for a break from reading.

If your kids are reading with their parents, the books are probably already out of the house, and you can help get them back in touch with the books.

Here, a mother gives her two daughters books to read in a classroom.

The book her daughters want to pick out for the weekend: “The Big Sleep” by Daniel Handler.

It’s a funny and moving book about a young boy and his mother who has fallen in love with each other.

The two boys were reading the book at the library when they noticed the words “I love you.”

The book is about a boy who’s struggling with what it means to be a boy.

Here, a woman in a wheelchair read aloud a poem by one of the two boys, who were both in the classroom.

This book is part of a group book for young people, a group of books that are geared towards children ages 6 to 12.

It includes stories about love and friendship, science and math, and more.

Here is the story about the boys:The boys, ages 8 and 9, and their parents were reading in a room with other young people.

One boy had a book in his hand that read “I Love You.”

The other had a new book, “The Great American Sleepover

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