How to avoid a measles outbreak in Sydney: Australia’s biggest vaccine manufacturer

AUSTRALIA’S biggest vaccine maker, Merck, has launched an aggressive campaign to stop measles outbreaks from spreading through its Australian headquarters, warning that the virus is becoming more potent.

A spokeswoman for the company said the campaign would continue as planned. 

Meadowfield-based Merck said on Friday that it had identified a “growing number of cases” of the virus in Australia and said the virus was growing more dangerous.

“We have a very active virus containment program, and we are actively working to contain it,” Ms Smith said.

“We do not have a vaccine, we don’t have a cure.

It is still evolving, it is still a dangerous virus, and that’s why we are working with our partners to develop a vaccine.”

The vaccines that we have developed for other diseases are still in development and we will continue to work with partners to make sure that they are safe and effective.

“The spokeswoman said that the company’s “top priority” was to keep Australians safe and to minimise the spread of the disease to other countries.

She said Merck had developed an active vaccine to protect against the virus, but did not give details about the specific strains it had developed.”

All vaccines are designed to protect people from the virus and there are no new vaccines available to protect us against the outbreak,” she said.”

But we are still working on developing a vaccine that we believe is safe and efficacious.

“That’s why the vaccine is still being tested in our labs.”

The announcement comes as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned that if the outbreak continued it could lead to an “existential crisis” for Australia.

“You have to do something,” Mr Abbott told a Sydney radio station on Friday.

“If you don’t, the world will be in a situation where there’s an existential crisis.”

It’s not just in the public health community, it’s in the business community, in the economy.”‘

The world will not be happy’The Prime Minister said that Australia needed to act fast to prevent the spread.”

Mr Abbott said he was concerned about the potential spread of a “new pandemic”.””

You can’t have people coming into this country without getting tested for those things.”

Mr Abbott said he was concerned about the potential spread of a “new pandemic”.

“We’re going to see more outbreaks as the world becomes more and more vulnerable to this virus, especially in countries where it has not been adequately dealt with,” he told the ABC.

“And so we need to act now to stop that pandemic from becoming an existential threat to Australia.”

The outbreak in Australia started when the outbreak of the coronavirus in Australia in 2014-15 began.

Since then, there have been more than 5,600 cases and more than 8,000 deaths.

It was not immediately clear whether the new outbreak was linked to the coronatavirus or whether it was simply an outbreak of measles that had already been circulating. 

The Australian Health Practitioners Tribunal said on Thursday that it would allow Merck to proceed with a trial of the vaccine against measles and mumps, but it warned the company would need a “proportionate amount of time” to fully test for the new strain of the measles virus.

“There will be some risks associated with this trial,” the tribunal said.

A spokeswoman for Merck’s parent company, Sanofi, said the company had been “monitoring the situation and taking appropriate steps”.

She said it was “reviewing” how it planned to handle the virus.

The trial is expected to start in the coming weeks, with Merck expected to announce the results in late March or early April.

The vaccine will be given in a single dose.

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