How a shoe-store in Minneapolis can survive on $100 a day

MINNEAPOLIS — A sneaker store in Minneapolis has found a way to survive on a mere $100 for the last three years.

The Harkins Brothers in Minneapolis is part of the “Big Three” of sneaker shops.

Each shop carries a variety of sneakers ranging from $100s to $1,000s and they’re open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The store is in a strip mall and it’s a good place to shop for sneakers.

They sell a variety, from a pair of Air Jordan 4s to a pair from the legendary Kobe Bryant, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and two-time MVP.

The owners, Tom and Donna Harkens, say their store has been a hit for years and has grown since they opened in the spring of 2017.

Tom Harken is a former professional wrestler and the father of three, he says his son was in the NBA and had his name tattooed on his ankle in 2008.

He worked at a record store and was the team’s director of marketing and sales.

Donna Halkens says her son had an opportunity to make some money as a rapper.

Donna is proud of her son and says he was a star in the business.

The Harkers said they have two sons and a daughter.

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