God saves you, so why should I care?

A couple who had two kids from a previous relationship were reunited with their parents this week, but their hopes for their children’s futures were dashed when they discovered they were pregnant again. 

The couple, who are both in their 40s, met in an assisted-living facility in the US state of Virginia when they were teenagers.

 “We’d been together for almost a year,” their son, James, told the BBC.

“I’ve known him for more than two years and I had a relationship with him for two years before I was 18.

And I’ve known my dad for almost 20 years and we had a good relationship, so it was kind of a natural thing for me to do.”

But when the couple met in the same facility, their hopes of rekindling their relationship were dashed.

James explained: “I think it was really bad for us.

It just seemed to be a thing that was not really there, that it wasn’t a good fit for us, and so we just decided to break up.

We didn’t think we’d ever get another chance to talk to each other again.”

James and his father, Steve, had no idea their mother had returned to Australia for the third time.

He said: “She was back in England, she was working, she had a job, so we didn’t know what was going to happen.

But we knew she was coming back.” 

The couple were both diagnosed with trichotillomania and they were both struggling to find jobs.

They met at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is an animal charity.

When they got married, the couple’s lives became significantly more complicated.

As James explained: “I was working as a waitress and she was in a full-time position, so there was a lot of stress on us.”

“We were having to work very, very hard to make ends meet and we didn.

She just had to stay home and do the things that she did, and it was pretty overwhelming.” 

James said that when they moved back to the UK, things began to change.

“[She was] in a very stable job, and she went to work, went home and she just got a job.”

He continued: “It was great for us as parents.

For us, we were getting a bit more independence.

We were having more time with our kids and it wasn