Clinton on Kavanaugh: ‘I am ready’ to talk with Kavanaugh, but not at the moment

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday reiterated that she is ready to talk to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying “he has a right to be heard.”

“I am prepared to talk about this matter,” she said during a campaign stop in Alabama, according to CNN.

“But we have to respect the process.

And we’ve got to respect Brett, who is entitled to his due process, but we also have to understand that he is not entitled to get away with what he is doing.”

She continued, “We have to have a conversation with Brett, because he has a constitutional right to defend himself.”

Clinton’s comments came after a campaign rally in Alabama where she took on her opponent, Republican Roy Moore, over allegations that he had pursued teenage girls for years.

Trump has said he was never in a sexual relationship with anyone when he was in his 30s, and has accused Clinton of lying about the matter.

During a campaign event in Georgia, Trump said that Clinton had made up the story to smear him.

He also accused her of being a “nasty woman,” saying, “It was very unfair to say that she’s lying about something that she did not do.”